Welcome to Flautando!

I want to officially welcome all of you to Flautando!  So excited to bring this to life, after many many many months of pondering and planning.

This blog is meant to be a guide for flutists (and other musicians as well!) to share my knowledge on how to play the flute, practicing tips, and most importantly, how to make a living as a musician and flute player.

Having studied flute for more than 10 years with various professors, I want to share my experiences and things that I’ve learned and am learning on the way.  I wish I had a resources like this when I was going to school and figuring myself out as a flutist/musician so here I am, writing a blog!

As a musician, I value the power of collaboration and I hope to build a community of supportive musicians and flutists through this blog. Please feel free to share, comment, and/or contact me with any advice, questions, thoughts, suggestions, words of wisdom and anything else that you can think of.

Happy practicing!

Photo by Kate Lemmon from  Kate L Photography

Photo by Kate Lemmon from Kate L Photography

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